SCOTLAND – A Winter Journey

A wintery trip through the Scottish Highlands

From the stillness of the frosty ridges into the vibrant light – congenially captured in a puristic way by three award-winning nature photographers. The pictures reflect a special aesthetic style of reduction, which makes the book stand out from others. Photographies of landscapes in an abstract form and atmospheric portraits of animals focus on the essence of winter in the Highlands, and give a new perspective to snowy mountains and their dwellers.

Photo book by the three awarded nature photographers Hermann Hirsch, Jan Leßmann, Klaus Tamm.

Printed on Munken Fine Art Paper
Hard cover, gold embossing and blind embossing
Language: English and German

50,00 €, excl. shipping

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All proceeds are passed on directly to the non-profit organisation Aufwind für Natur- und Umweltschutz

Verwunschene Wildnis (Enchanted Wilderness)

Klaus Tamm and Mario Ludwig, Publishing House: Frederking & Thaler, 240 pages, approx. 200 photographies, format: approx.: 27 x 29 cm, language: German, price: 49,99 €, excl. shipping

Magic insights into our world of plants ands animals

The enchanting world of our plants and animals empathetically characterized and knowledgeably described. In his pictures the award-winning photographer and nature conservationist Klaus Tamm captures the soul of nature. The delicate and descriptive texts by the well-known biologist and author Mario Ludwig depict the wilderness on your doorstep. An exclusive illustrated book for lovers of both, nature and unusual nature photography.





Klaus Tamm (E-Mail)


Klaus Tamm and Christian Arns, Becker Joest Volk (Publisher), 220 pages, Language: German, Price: 39,90 € excl. shipping

“There are a lot of wildlife photos around, but these are magic…“

Genuinely good wildlife photography pushes the photographer to his limits. It involves finding the ideal position between light and dark, between forest and clearing and these days also between nature, farmland and road. Extensive natural habitats and long animal migration routes have become rare. That’s why this book is dedicated to a Europe-wide nature conservation project called “Grünes Band“ which is committed to the protection of the green belt habitat along the former Eastern German border. Today it is symbolic of the conservation of animal migration routes without which many animals in Europe would already be extinct. Klaus Tamm’s book impressively illustrates how unique and worthy of protection Europe’s natural habitats are.

It features a collection of images by the multi-award winning photography genius and nature lover. Klaus Tamm takes the initial image and gets ‘right up close‘ to produce results that literally dripping in detail. His photos are both graceful and intense. This book is full of surprises and fleeting moments captured on camera. Some are so incredible that the reader may wonder whether the image has been manipulated. Be assured that none have. The rules of wildlife photography are stringent and manipulation is strictly prohibited.

Klaus Tamm’s work has earned him many accolades and tributes. In 2012 and 2015 he was named Wildlife Photographer of the Year (GDT). He was also commended in the BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. The photo texts are sometimes contemplative, sometimes amusing. They surprise, amaze and inform. Author Christian Arns is Head of the German Press Academy. He has worked as a journalist at “taz“, been press spokesperson at the Federal Ministry of Justice and is President of BUND-Berlin nature conservation association.


Klaus Tamm (E-Mail)