Schottland (Scotland)

1. November 2019
Photo book by Hermann Hirsch, Jan Leßmann, Klaus Tamm
64 pages, 47 photographies, format: 31 x 22 cm, hard cover, language: German, price: 28,00 €, excl. shipping
A wintery trip through the Scottish Highlands
From the stillness of the frosty ridges into the vibrant light – congenially captured in a puristic way by three award-winning nature photographers. The pictures reflect a special aesthetic style of reduction, which makes the book stand out from others. Photographies of landscapes in an abstract form and atmospheric portraits of animals focus on the essence of winter in the Highlands, and give a new perspective to snowy mountains and their dwellers. The photographers abstain from a fee, and all proceeds from the book are passed on directly to the non-profit organisation Aufwind für Natur- und Umweltschutz.
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