Klaus Tamm,
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I’ve been interested in nature since I was a child. I come from a hunting family and as a little boy I was fascinated by the photos of animals in my father’s hunting magazines. Inspired by them, I bought myself an SLR camera with a small telephoto lens as a teenager. In 2005 I first started taking nature photography seriously and it was in that year that I bought my first digital camera.

It’s always been my intention to sensitise people to nature through my photography. I aim to create artistic images that encourage the observer to pause for a moment and reflect. My photography excursions have taken me to remote regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain, and also to South Africa, South America and the Falkland Islands.

Nature photography is my hobby. I run my own waste disposal business in Wuppertal/ Germany by profession.

Klaus Tamm
Foto: Werner Bollmann


GDT Naturfotografen-Wettbewerb (Society of German Wildlife Photographers)

20091. Place Mammals "Eilig"
20101. Place Other Animals "Wespenspinne"
20121. Place / Overall winner of the year "Krötenwanderung"
20122. Place Plants "Sonnentau"
20131. Place Other Animals "Im Spotlight"
2013Highly Commended Other Animals "Baldachinspinne"
2013Highly Commended Other Animals "Lauerstellung"
2013Highly Commended Plants "Mooskapsel"
20144. Place Birds "Schöner Rücken"
20141. Place Plants & Fungi "Spotlight im Wald"
20144. Place Plants & Fungi "Waldhyazinthe"
20151. Place Overall Winner Of The Year "Sumpfsiegwurz"
20153. Place Birds "Abendsänger"
20155. Place Other Animals "Krötenzauber"
20165. Place Birds "Im dichten Fichtenwald"
20167. Place Birds "Nachts bei Vollmond"
20171. Place Birds & Award of the Jury "Abendidylle"
20173. Place Black/White "Spidergirl"
20179. Place Other Animals "Spät abends im Steineichenwald"
20181. Place Other Animals "Unbekanntes Flugobjekt"
20191. Place Over all winner of the year "Plagegeist"
20192. Place Birds "Berlin Alexanderplatz"
20192. Place Mammals "Begegnung am Waldrand"
20196. Place Other Animals "Am Wegesrand"
20202. Place Plants "Im letzten Licht"
20215. Place Birds "Herbststimmung"
20214. Place Special Category "Geschwisterliebe"

European Nature Photographer of the Year

2006Highly Commended Birds "Im Sandsturm"
2006Highly Commended Nature "Tau im Spinnennetz"
2008Highly Commended Other Animals "Hängepartie"
2008Highly Commended Nature "Sonnentau"
20122. Place Other Animals "First Kiss"
2013Highly Commended Plants "Lichtspiel"
2013Highly Commended Plants "Blaue Stunde"
20161. Place Birds "Märchenstunde"
20171. Place Birds "Abendstimmung am Moorsee"
2019Highly Commended Birds "Haubenlerche"
2019Highly Commended Other Animals "Empfangsbereit"
2022Highly Commended Mammals "Im Kiefernwald"
2022Highly Commended Birds "Schneekulisse"

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

2009Finalist Animal Portraits "Hare Sitting Tight"
2012Finalist Cold-Blooded Animals "Sizing Up"
2015Finalist Invertebrates "Wings of summer"
2015Finalist Plants "Meadow Canvas"
2017Finalist Birds "Realm of the Condor"

Asferico International Photography Contest

2015Highlight Birds "Middle spotted woodpecker"
2015Highlight Other Animals "Canopy Spider"
2015Category Winner Plants & Fungi "Herb Paris"
2015Highlight Composition & Forms "Spawning cords and tedpoles"

Other awards

2020Awardee of the prize for arts and culture of the Enno and Christa Springmann-Foundation